2023: Let's start from here

Questo articolo non ha nulla di importante ma è stata una riflessione che ho fatto per me nel 2023 per cominciare a lavorare a questo blog.
2023: Let's start from here


This is the first article I will write in 2023. It's been almost two months since the completion, although I haven't actually finished it yet, of the blog setup, and since then I haven't been able to carve out time to dedicate to it. In fact, I would say I haven't made time for it anymore. That's why I've decided to write this article at 11:20 PM on Tuesday, May 23rd.

This article will probably be read by myself and only myself, but its purpose is to "unlock" me. I'm afraid I've fallen into the vortex of perfectionism, where I keep saying, "It's not exactly how I want it, so I can't start." Moreover, I have a small, yet significant, fear of not being capable of carrying on with this blog. I have many ideas, but I'm unsure if I'll be able to put them into practice, and if it won't be a waste of time at a time when I should be focusing 100% on my business.

Let me explain in brief

My thoughts are quite complex, and I'm certainly not very good at explaining them, but here's the gist of what I want to say, in the quickest way possible. Maybe in the future, if it interests anyone, I can delve into more details:

In 2022, my company collapsed, and I myself was unable to make well-thought-out decisions to revive it. This experience has taught me a lot. After all, they say that we learn from our mistakes, but it left me in a financially challenging situation.

Towards the end of November 2022, I began implementing a plan to revive the company, and slowly but surely, I'm making progress. However, I'm not yet in a state of tranquility. On the contrary, it will still take some time before I can say "I'm at peace." This blog, for me, should serve as an outlet. I created it and decided to take it back under my control for this reason. Additionally, it should also help me generate income by creating synergy among my various endeavors.

If you don't already know, in addition to this blog, I have two other businesses. One is a well-established venture that used to generate a decent income for me until last year. The other is a marketing, communications, and advertising agency that I started three months ago, mesmerized.it and mammamiastudio.eu, additionally, I have plans to start a fourth business in the clothing industry, for which I have already received excellent feedback. I have contacted key players in the project who have given me positive responses. However, I won't be able to pursue it until I find a way to delegate some tasks. Currently, I'm writing this article precisely because I'm experiencing a real shortage of time.

Returning to our discussion, these 3 or 4 businesses should have synergy among them. How?

The blog will help me build awareness and create a user base to whom I can introduce my other ventures. Additionally, on the blog, there will be direct links and references to my businesses, primarily my agency. This way, the blog acts as a platform for promoting and directing traffic to my other endeavors.

MesmerizeD will enjoy greater visibility and traffic worldwide, considering that the blog will be available in multiple languages, or rather, it will be. By providing content in different languages, the blog will have a broader reach and appeal to a larger global audience.

Mammamia will attract more customers through the blog, and through the clients of Mammamia, I can establish connections (both in terms of individuals and skills) that can be leveraged in my other businesses. Moreover, as Mammamia grows, there will be a need for specialized personnel that I can also utilize for all the other ventures. This interconnection between businesses creates a symbiotic relationship, allowing for shared resources and expertise to support overall growth and success.

With its immense potential, the clothing brand can quickly gain recognition, allowing me to promote my other businesses as well. The successful establishment of the clothing brand will create a platform for introducing and expanding awareness of my other ventures. This sequential growth strategy will leverage the brand's popularity and customer base to further enhance the visibility and success of all my businesses.

In essence, the goal is to leverage each business to generate positive outcomes for the others, creating a snowball effect. Let me provide you with some examples. Through the blog, I could attract customers for Mammamia, generate income from these customers, and further refine my skills, which can then be applied to MesmerizeD. By managing MesmerizeD effectively, I can implement activities that benefit each business. This way, I can assist entrepreneurs in need (as I mentioned, I've learned from my mistakes). It will be a fluid transfer of influence, liquidity, and skills between the different businesses, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

So all this is to say what?

In practice, it's easier said than done to make all of this happen.

MesmerizeD takes up a lot of my time. I upload products on platforms like Etsy and Commercio Virtuoso, handle customer care, deal with taxation, manage social media, handle various issues, and work on email marketing. MesmerizeD alone consumes approximately 200-300 hours per month, which is almost double the hours of a full-time job.

Mammamia requires time, as I need to complete the work, which takes up around 30 hours per month, almost equivalent to a part-time weekly job. Additionally, there may be two more clients coming on board soon, which will further increase the time commitment.

The blog should be included among these activities, but it may be perceived as less important compared to the others since they generate income and require 100% priority. This brings us back to what I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post.

Even though all the activities have synergy, it doesn't mean that each one doesn't have the potential to grow independently. Therefore, the time that I should dedicate to the blog could be used for the other two activities to help them grow. The blog will not only involve creating articles but also generating social media content, email marketing, website styling, addressing technical issues (which can occasionally arise, especially with plugin updates), and all of this can be managed within approximately 40 hours per month, if I focus strictly on the necessary tasks. I would like to clarify that when I refer to the blog, I mean more of creating a personal brand. A blog doesn't have the same vital necessity as social media, for example. If I decide to use social media, it will be to drive traffic, express myself, and build awareness around my personal brand.

I didn't understand...are you going to work on the blog or not?

Yes, I want to work on the blog. As the title suggests, this blog post is just the beginning. It's taking me about two hours to write it (mainly because Gutenberg, the text editor, seems to have some issues and has a perceived lag worse than when I used to play League of Legends with 5000ms ping).

When I say it's a venting outlet, I'm serious. Aside from that, it should also be a piece of the puzzle for my business, which is why I expressed my doubts. Many times, when I'm working, I think, "Oh, I would like to share this on the blog" or "I want to discuss this topic." In short, I constantly have ideas for the blog, and this is where the dots connect from the beginning. My procrastination stems from the fear of having to dedicate more time to the established activities, but the biggest fear is that I may NOT BE CAPABLE...

The fear of not being capable of writing in a qualitative manner is one of my greatest concerns.
The fear of not being capable of creating beautiful video content is another concern of mine.
The fear of not being capable of providing accurate information is also a concern for me.
The fear of not being capable of consistency is yet another concern I have.
The fear of not being capable of perfection is also a concern I have.

And that's where I've been going wrong. As I've mentioned several times, this project should primarily serve as a venting outlet. The important thing is that I give my best with what I can do, provide the best information I have, be consistent to the best of my abilities, and realize that perfection is not necessary. It's about taking action, and things will improve with time. Truly, the most important thing is for me to enjoy myself and give 100% of what I can. I love examples, and as you get to know me, you'll gradually learn more about me. One thing I'd like to do is design the article covers. I used to draw, and while I wasn't exceptionally good at it, it brought me a lot of relaxation. I've been wanting to start again for years, and I thought this would be a nice touch. I believe I'd be the only one I know doing it, but for now, I'm not capable of doing it the way I envision. This was another obstacle holding me back because I couldn't do things exactly as I wanted. The survey plugin that needs custom graphic design because it currently looks terrible? IT'S NOT IMPORTANT, and so on.

In conclusion

I used this article to unlock myself and understand what I need to do. From today onwards, I will start publishing as consistently as possible, and I hope to take this project as far as I can and improve over time. I have so many things I want to talk about: marketing, anime, sports, curiosities, psychology, business, thoughts, keeping journals, tutorials, and more.

I will soon publish my second article. It may not be perfect, but I will do my best!

I had the mischievous idea of including a survey at the end to see if anyone will ever vote on it. 🙂

Was it a bad idea to write this article?

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