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Are you new to my blog? Then this is the right page for you! Let me explain what my blog is and how it works.

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The spark to create this blog came from my desire to share.

Share what? Everything! Everything I learn for work, my curiosities, what happens to me, etc.

Actually, my blog isn't focused on a niche, a market, or anything like that, but let's just say it's more centered on me. I define myself as a multipotentialite and for this reason, I could never talk about a single topic, and why should I? Is it the best thing for marketing? These are not things that interest me in this space.

Therefore, not talking about a single topic, I decided to divide the blog into 3 main categories, which you can find below.


In this section, you can find all the articles on the topics that I study and apply for my work (my work is managing and carrying out my activities, and I still manage all aspects of them 360°, just for clarity 🙂 ), including:

 Marketing, SEO. email marketing, blogging, fiscalità (non sono un commercialista quindi inserirò sempre un disclaimer. Parlerò di questi argomenti solo per radicarli nella mia testa), organizzazione aziendale, etc.

Nella sezione vita riporterò tutto ciò che riguarda in maniera più diretta la mia vita e tutto ciò che è scollegato dal lavoro. Vorrei utilizzarla per fare dei report mensili e annuali, articoli di allenamento, ricette, pensieri, anime che guardo e così via.

I didn't know if I should create this section or include it under the life category, but in the end, I decided that keeping it separate was the best thing to do. I am a very curious person, so I would like to report topics that I find "curious" in this category. An example comes precisely from one of the articles in the section, which is: Why do we say "cheers"? 

Examples of articles:


Lo scopo principale per me di questo blog è quello di condividere e imparare però certamente vorrei anche guadagnarci qualcosa.

I don't consider myself a bad person for this or a damned capitalist, ahahaha.

I will try to earn something from it because the time I use to carry it forward is time, a lot of time, that I subtract from my other activities.

Not to mention that this blog has maintenance costs to support that I wouldn't want to burden on other companies in any way.

Furthermore, the fact that it monetizes or tries to do so doesn't take anything away from anyone. The methods with which I will do it are reported in the next question, and as you will see, they are not methods that burden anyone.

I always like to give examples of what I mean, if I use a service such as Astra Theme, the theme I use for this blog, and I suggest it because I like it by inserting an affiliate link, and someone buys it, making me earn, what problem would it create? That I promote it with or without affiliation would be the same for the end-user, as long as there are good intentions, namely to suggest something of value and not just something to earn from.

I will use a lot of time for this blog, and unfortunately, I can't afford to do it completely for free, and my opinion is that as long as you don't try to monetize by deceiving, defrauding, etc., there is nothing wrong with trying to monetize.

I make this point because many times I hear that trying to monetize is something bad, that takes away value from things in some way. I don't think so as long as, precisely, you give value and don't lead someone to make you earn by deception and/or without giving real value but also requiring payments much higher than the value given.

The methods I will use to monetize will mainly be 3 and they will all be tools I believe in, these tools are:

Ads: I'll start with the method I like the least because it impacts the site's aesthetics and slightly on the user experience. I will insert some ads with Google AdSense or other services within the articles. For the aforementioned reasons, I will try to keep the ads to a minimum.

Affiliations: Affiliations allow you to earn a percentage or a fixed amount by promoting products/services. This has no cost for people, the classic example is Amazon's affiliate program, by promoting the platform's products, if someone purchases through my link, I would earn a small percentage, without any additional cost to the user.

I want to make a small disclaimer, all the brands I will be affiliated with will be brands I trust and am certain of the quality. I will not promote/talk about random things.

I also want to make a small note, this is a monetization method that I really like because it doesn't weigh on anything, neither experience nor monetary nor anything else. If I find a product on Amazon that I particularly like and want to suggest to you, whether I put an affiliate link or not doesn't change anything, it only changes that I can earn something from it.

Sale of services/products: In the future, when I have time, I would like to develop products and services to offer, some examples may be one-to-one consultations, Excel templates, mini-courses (at very affordable prices, I don't want to get into the world of trainers or anything like that because I'm not interested in it at all and I don't want to come across as a Guru).


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